About Us

The call center of the future.

A story about a need, and a solution.


Everything starts with a love for sales.

Before the idea of QC was born, we spent years building up experience in the sales industry. During our time as salesmen, we encountered the same need, both in employees and partners, wherever we worked. Partners wanted to get more out of their investment, and employees wanted a sense of meaning.


We spent a long time thinking about how we could improve this system.

Then we found the solution – the solution that we call Quality Call.

It takes more than inspired leaders to succeed. It takes an ambitious and motivated team. That is why we spend as much time on skills development and quality controls as we do on community and understanding. The reward for our investment is one of the best and tightly knitted together teams in all of Sweden. And the result is better business for our partners.

Our cornerstones define us


Alone is never the strongest.

We work with a long term goal and treat the relations we build along the way with care.

No matter if you are an employee, partner, or a customer in the sales call. We value the time and knowledge that we gain from each other.


The art of effective communication.

We understand the value of communication. To create a genuine understanding is the foundation for a successful collaboration.

Effective communication is the key to our success.

We believe

That we must dare to aim high

We work with businesses who dare to strive for more.

For many years we have helped businesses from different industries to improve their sales numbers. Through high-quality and effective sales strategies.
We get motivated by working with people who dare to think outside the box. People who dare to throw more coal into the fire to reach their goal quicker. Without losing track of their values.

We know that our goal only can be reached if we work together.

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Needs analysis

Our project leaders perform a needs analysis for your product or service. We find a suitable target group and prepare our sales team.


Sales process

Our sales experts get trained to sell your product or service. Our leaders coach during sales calls. The sales expert creates an order together with the customer.

Quality control

Our quality department controls the order thoroughly. Afterward, you get to control the order as well before leaving your approval. You get a new customer for your business and cash in. Safe and simple, right? We are looking forward to getting to know you and your company!